Phrena Square

Phrena Square


A new, elegant Phrena of larger size following more squared geometric contours continues the evolution of the Phrena design. The new pendant lighting design is at the same time impressive due to its larger presence and delicate due to its almost unbearable visual lightness. The squared Phrena pattern is refined and geometric in its flattened state. But by applying tension to the structure and bringing the 2 dimensional form into the third dimension as it expands into a lamp shade, the once rigid appearance distorts and becomes softer. And it is remarkable how closely it then resembles the rest of the family. It is still elegant and organic, but with a minimalist and modernist feel. Its hard lines will match the strictest architecture while its curves would still feel at home in the woods. Square Phrena can be installed in two positions to create two different light distributions and appearances.

Diameter: 30 in / 76 cm
Height: 12 in / 30 cm


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Additional Information:

  • Designed by Karl Zahn
  • Maximum lamp rating is 60 watt.
  • Tear, temperature and water resistant.
  • Handwashable care.
  • Phrena is constructed from several layers of cut Tyvek, a super-resistant paper material, assembled over a metal safety protector. 
  • Packaged Flat
  • Weight: 2.5 lb
  • Lighting cord not included and sold separately below.
  • All cords are 15 Feet long (4.5 meters) provided with a plug and switch.
  • Alternatively all cords can be spliced and hard wired into a ceiling outlet.
Cord Kit
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