Bright Side of Life

Bright Side of Life


Designed by New York-based trio Rich Brilliant Willing, Bright Side Lights collection personifies a message of optimism through design and function. The cast glass pendants are durable, recyclable, and can be used as a hanging pendant lamp, or laid on their sides as a table lamp. The Bright Side molds are cut directly from virtual models and are a striking modern form realized by an ancient medium of glass work. A message is debossed on this lamp, which perfectly sum up the vision, purpose, and design of this light, that “ALWAYS LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE.

Diameter: 8in / 20cm 
Height: 4.65in / 14.5cm


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Additional Information:

  • Lighting cord not included and sold separately below.

  • All cords are 15 Feet long (4.5 meters) provided with a plug and switch.

  • Alternatively all cords can be spliced and hard wired into a ceiling outlet.

  • Pendant/table lamp

Cord Kit
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