Komon Brown

Komon Brown


At Made a Mano DBA Nanaki_Artecnica we have spent years developing our collection of long lasting glazes and patterns.

Both plain glazes and decoration colors are blended as a result of year long tests.Our patterns either derive from carefully selected textile patterns or are developed by our design team and hand drawn to perfection again and again.All our products have been tested for up to 3 years before being put into production.What you see on the website are the products that have passed our rigorous tests and made it through the eye of the needle into our collection.

We work with modern techniques encompassing ancient traditions. MADE A MANO DBA Nanaki_Artecnica is very much the old with the new.Each tile is unique, it is handmade and our products are never exact copies.There are variations in each tiles,which is what makes the product truly special.

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Size: 4.7 in. x 7.9 in. x 0.4 in.