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Unitl Dawn Curtain

Not Rated Yet Designer: Studio Tord Boontje
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Versatile Flora and Fauna Panels
Material: Tyvek
Dimensions: 42 x 96 inches / 106.7 x 243.8 cm.
Color: White
Features: Tear, temperature and water resistant.
Handwashable care.
Keep away from fire.

Elaborate flora-and-fauna panels play with light, creating intriguing shadows and textures in any environment, as a curtain, screen, or wall hanging. Made of Tyvek, a super-resistant paper material, Until Dawn also comes with Velcro-closure loops and holes to hang from hooks or poles.

Width: 42 in / 106.7 cm
Length: 96 in / 243.8 cm

Stainless Steel

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